Internal / External works



There exists a wide variety of thermal insulation materials. Each type of thermal insulation is intended for slightly varying conditions, and the proper solution must be selected for each house individually.

The materials are not sorted by effectiveness, but rather each has a specific area where it excels. Clearly, the price is an important factor when choosing the right thermal insulation for you. However, we emphasize that a material’s suitability to the job at hand should be the primary considered factor.

When choosing your material, consider:

  • Thermal resistance
  • Ventilation
  • Resistance to tension and deformation
  • Resistance to humidity
  • Noise insulation
  • Fire resistance
  • Flexibility
  • Product life
  • Ecological concerns
  • Cost

Materials for thermal insulation are choses according to project requirements and client input. In construction of our panels we utilize products of globally recognized companies.

We cooperate with such names as Paroc, ISOVER, Rockwool and others.



For increased precision, the timber used in wall panel manufacturing is planed on 4 sides and graded according to standards BS EN 14081 and BS EN 519:1995. We mainly use two types of wood - C24 and C16 quality timber.

According to project requirements, the wall panels can be decked with OSB board and various types of drywall sheets.


Metal profiles and elements

Wall frame panels can also be manufactured using cold pressed galvanized steel profiles, while still maintaining good thermal characteristics and precision.

If required, the wall panels can include the building’s main load-bearing elements, greatly simplifying assembly at the site.


Doors and windows

To reduce time and resources spent at the site, as well as decrease wall panel exposure to adverse weather, we offer door and window assembly in a controlled environment at the plant, reducing potential damage which might occur on site.