Modular houses


Modular construction is an approach to construction that has many prospects for success, allowing for efficient construction in a variety of circumstances and locations. This method of construction allows to place buildings in sites where traditional construction would prove far too difficult and could not be carried out.

Manufacture of nearly the whole building can be done at the plant, reducing time spent at the construction site by up to 80%. Depending on its size, a building can be split into several pieces for ease of transportation and delivered straight to the site, where it is assembled to create your custom solution.

Modular buildings can be equipped with all cutting-edge technology, assuring a comfortable lifestyle with low overhead.


Options for modular construction:

  • Single module building (janitorial module, security module, storage, summerhouse);

  • Multi-module building (residential, lodging, schools, daycare centers, cafeterias, restaurants);

  • Multi-story living areas and public buildings.