About us


Ritex Modular Construction incorporates contemporary solutions to produce high quality wood frame panel buildings. Each building is designed and manufactured individually, utilizing a wide variety of materials and technical solutions for the client to choose from.


Main lines of operation:

  • Manufacture of wooden constructions
  • Manufacture of wood panel housing
  • Project design and manufacture of multi-story steel and wood frame buildings
  • Manufacture of wood frame wall panels.


Ritex Modular Construction is still a new company; however, it is in the midst of rapid growth and entry into several new markets. By offering quality production with competitive pricing, we endeavor to build increased stability and brand recognition in Latvia, as well as with our foreign clients. As the popularity of wood frame buildings increases in Northern Europe, this line of operation shall be the main focus of our company alongside our other projects. We are constantly looking to broaden the variety of products offered by our company, to foster future growth and development.

Company will implement complex projects and provide excellent flexibility and fit to the client’s needs and requirements. The manufacturing plant can produce projects involving not only wooden frames but also a combination of timber and metal, giving extra strength to the construction. Combining materials in such a way allows for the construction of multi-story living areas, as well as public buildings which require a higher resilience threshold.


First we get project! Once the decision is made, it is important to discuss the details together – to choose a project, architectural solution, finishing materials and to understand the most functional position on the land plot. Depending on your preferences, budget and assembly details, we will produce an individual cost estimate. Then the project and 3D visualization will follow - you will clearly see how your house will look in real life. Upon approval of the project, production will immediately begin at the modern factory in Liepaja. 


Often, the chosen land plot is not initially ready for house assembly, so for the convenience of our customers we perform all kinds of preparation works on site. Once the land plot is ready, the assembly of the house may begin.

Unlike traditional houses, assembly of the prefabricated wood-framed houses is not seasonal - they can be installed regardless of the time of the year, and almost instantly. Our unique advantage is that after the module production, the houses are assembled in our factory and are delivered to you practically ready, so assembly on the site will not take more than 7 days.