Frame walls with steel profiles


Increasing the efficiency of construction is a relevant issue at the time, as the necessity for housing goes up across the world. Construction using wooden frames is a potential solution for achieving higher efficiency in production times, thus the pros and cons of such an approach must be evaluated.

Wood frame panel manufacturing takes place off-site, with the main elements of the building and the walls produced at a remote location in a controlled manufacturing environment, utilizing the same materials and adhering to the same standards and regulations as in traditional construction. The buildings are manufactured panel by panel and then assembled at the construction site, achieving the same result as on-site construction, but gaining a substantial increase in the speed and quality of the production process.

Construction options:

  • Single or multi-story construction using only wooden or metal frame panels;
  • Construction using wood frame panels in combination with metal elements;
  • Reinforced concrete frame with wood frame paneling;
  • A variety of wall panels (wood, metal profile);
  • Various wall panel specifications (non-insulated or insulated, window or door constructions etc.).